A 30-day journal for a quantum leap in your life


  • Do you feel stuck, held back, or unclear about your life?
  • Do you want to embrace your authentic self, but you don't know exactly how to do that?
  • Are you navigating a major life change?
  • Have global events slowed your motivation and progress?

BEYOND THE RULEBOOK is a 30 day writing journey to soar past conflict, confusion, and stuckness.

RULEBOOKS are belief systems shared by societies, families, institutions, and religions.

While rulebooks provide predictability and authority, they also suppress your intuition and freedom.

In fact, RULEBOOKS are the strongest force holding you back from your ideal life


Even though the world may feel uncertain and confusing right now,
you don’t have to put your dreams on hold.

In the next 30 days, you can soar past limiting beliefs, embrace your authentic self, and powerfully express your truth.


No matter your journaling skills or self-growth journey, BEYOND THE RULEBOOK is a fun and completely unique process.

  • Timer-based speedwriting technique unlocks your subconscious
  • Provocative prompts get you "out of your head" and engage your intuition
  • Clear layout for daily writing

"Journaling has always been the primary way I process my experiences and emotions, so I wasn’t sure if BEYOND THE RULEBOOK l would offer me anything new.
However, I was hooked on day one!" - Erin Y.

"I am LIVING for this book! I'm buying copies for my two teens. I should buy a case and hand them out, LOL. This is the information everyone needs right now: how to build self-trust and break out of playing small." - Elizabeth F.

"Thank you so much for putting this book out! I loved the intro. I got major insight from day one of the journaling process. I'm going to get this book for my favorite girlfriends for the holidays." - Melissa B.


It has lessons and space to complete the writing exercises


Complete each lesson and writing exercise in under 15 minutes


Do one exercise every day for 30 days

Some people enjoy rulebooks...

...they'd rather trust other people, instead of their own intuition. 

...they allow the media and powerful industries to dictate their reality.

...they like to play the victim in their lives.

...they would rather have convenient lies, rather than inconvenient truth.

This journey is NOT for those people.

It's for people who are have followed the rulebook long enough.

They’re tired of being limited by other people’s fears, anxieties, insecurities and illusions.

They’re ready to enthusiastically embrace their True Selves.

Beyond the Rulebook


I’m Lauren Geertsen, a Body Connection Coach, intuitive, bestselling author, and creator of

I've also been trapped in a lot of rulebooks in my life.

Through these experiences, I developed specific journaling practices to quickly move beyond socially-conditioned limiting beliefs.

I created BEYOND THE RULEBOOK for my clients, based on the writing practices that helped me.

It proved such a powerful tool for my clients that I made BEYOND THE RULEBOOK available for you, too!



Many people are realizing they’ve been manipulated and fear-mongered by external forces

Now, they’re questioning the reality that various institutions, family dynamics, industries, and the media have passed down to them.

They're ready to leave ALL situations of control and exploitation.

If you’re on that journey, BEYOND THE RULEBOOK gives you a daily practice to reclaim your clarity, intuition, and self-trust.

Going Beyond The Rulebook is the most gentle, compassionate, world-changing revolution you can imagine.

And you can experience it with this 30 day writing journey!


Ready for a quantum leap in your life?
Order BEYOND THE RULEBOOK and start your 30-day writing journey!


Ships to the U.S. and Canada



Available worldwide


"My spirit and body experienced true connection through BEYOND THE RULEBOOK. I am finding myself working with it again and again for deeper connection to myself and my innate body wisdom. The exercises alchemize healing in ways that words cannot express, but each person will experience at a deep soul level." - Kristen W.


"Journaling has always been the primary way I process my experiences and emotions, so I wasn’t sure if BEYOND THE RULEBOOK l would offer me anything new. However, I was hooked on day one!

Lauren’s intentionally sequenced journal prompts guided me deep into my subconscious mind to reveal what I have hidden from myself, opening a pathway to profound growth and healing. I highly recommend it for anyone who is committed to seeking the truth about themselves." - Erin Y.


"After 30 years of being programmed to disconnect from my body, I am finally learning to connect with my body and trust my intuition. This has been achieved by completing the BEYOND THE RULEBOOK. The journal has helped me let go of the illusion of control and I am finally starting to live a life of freedom." - Sara E.


"As someone who has been in denial for 30 years, I was resistant but in desperate need of change. I worked my way through BEYOND THE RULEBOOK and it illuminated so many deeply held beliefs. It was quite shocking to see how 'programmed' I was.

For me this was really deep and gnarly work and that is the proof that it was something that has taken me to a different way of seeing myself. I am very grateful to have found Lauren and her highly spiritual and intuitive work " - Nicola W.


Do I have to do the 30 days in a row?

BEYOND THE RULEBOOK is a daily brain-rewiring practice, and works best when you show up with daily commitment for the 30 consecutive days.

However, you'll still experience benefits if you complete the journal in longer than 30 days.

What are shipping costs?

We the wirebound book within the US and Canada. We ship via USPS Media Mail to keep your shipping cost as low as possible. Shipping within the U.S. is $3.99.

Shipping to Canada $36.95, which includes customs fees/taxes.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the nature of the book, no refunds are issued for either the wire bound or digital version.

How long will it take to arrive?

For U.S. orders, we ship via USPS Media Mail to keep your shipping cost as low as possible. Media Mail tends to have slightly longer delivery times than typical USPS mail.

If you are within the U.S., your book should arrive within 7-10 days. If you are in Canada, shipping times average 16 days.

Do you ship via Amazon?

No. We support a small, local business in Seattle, WA to print and ship orders.

I'm international, can I get the book?

We ship the wirebound book to the US and Canada. If you are outside of these locations, or wish to avoid the international shipping cost, you can order the digital copy of the book. You will be emailed a PDF of the book.

I need support with my order.

Please contact our support here!

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As with any self-development process, your results with BEYOND THE RULEBOOK may vary from users testimonials. Results are based on many variables, such as your level of effort, time investment, and willingness to show up for self growth. Since these factors differ for each individual, Lauren cannot guarantee your results. BEYOND THE RULEBOOK is not a "magic pill solution." It provide tools for spiritual transformation, and it's up to you to put the tools to use.

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